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The Technology industry is ever-changing and we can help gauge what is best for your business.

The technology industry is rapidly expanding the way people conduct every aspect of their business and personal lives. As a result, the technology industry is growing at monumental rates, with new start-ups and ventures emerging every day. Perhaps, no other industry is more dependent on valuations as it applies to financing options such as angel investing, private equity and other stock or incentive based modern growth investment tactics. Valuations are an important component in the technology industry, as they allow investors and entrepreneurs the opportunity to gauge the potential of an opportunity.

At Patuxent Valuation Group (PVG), we understand that having an accurate valuation of your technology company is vital to its success. Valuations allow owners, investors and competitors the opportunity to assess the potential of a company. However, valuation of technology companies depends on many external conditions and factors, such as market conditions and potential profitability.

Given the uncertainty of the market and of the future of the industry, tech entrepreneurs and owners need an accurate and reliable way to gain an understanding of their company worth. Having this knowledge will help companies make the most informed and strategic decisions for their future. A valuation can help to structure processes, create strategies and outline financial planning—all things that are vital in a high growth industry.

In order to help businesses create more effective processes, sales, marketing and financial strategies, valuations for companies within the technology industry must take into account the following:

  • Growth Rate
  • Profitability (Potential or Real)
  • Predictability
  • External Market Conditions
  • Private Merger & Acquisition Activity

Our appraisers have vast experience in working with start-ups, small businesses and large corporations within the technology industry. We understand that, while valuations are crucial to tech companies, traditional methods of may not be appropriate in this industry. As such, our appraisers have the skills necessary to properly evaluate your tech company.

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