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Real Estate

We know Real Estate entities and the unique complexities that are often entailed.

Patuxent Valuation Group (PVG) has assisted Mid-Atlantic real estate clients, including land developers, apartment owners, home builders and property management companies, with their valuation requirements for decades.

We understand that the real estate market is continuously fluctuating, which can have varying and unpredictable effects on one or more of your properties. Furthermore, our valuation analysts recognize that there can be significant competition and financial concerns, intensifying the need for a thorough, precise valuation report.

There are numerous circumstances in which a professional within the real estate industry would need valuation services. Whether you are seeking to sell or transfer a partnership or LLC interest, or require valuation support for estate purposes, we can assist in making those determinations simpler and more supportable. Our valuation analysts are prepared to provide you with the most current, accurate analysis of partial interests in real estate entities available.

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