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Manufacturing & Distribution

Manufacturing & Distribution knowledge will help your business thrive.

Manufacturing & distribution industries are dynamic and ever-evolving, requiring that successful competitors continuously engage in accurate planning, forecasting and strategizing for growth. Under this high level of competition, we at Patuxent Valuation Group (PVG) believe valuation can be a vital component towards better understanding how the future of your business may appear.

Valuations are beneficial in many different stages of manufacturing and distribution business development and growth. From planning and investing, to complying with regulations - having a better understanding of your company’s financial standing will allow you to implement strategies that will drive successful results.

Manufacturing & distribution companies maintain an immense amount of tangible assets and are vastly different in the nature of their operations than that of other industries. Because of this, valuations can be difficult and can require an appraiser with distinct industry experience.

At PVG, you can expect that our appraisers have the experience and skillsets required to properly evaluate your company.

We understand that in order to help businesses create more effective sales, marketing and financial strategies, valuations for these industries must focus on:

  • Real Estate
  • Expenses for Depreciation
  • Research and Development costs
  • Surplus Assets
  • Minimum Required Costs

We will offer recommendations for your company based on our analysis of these key areas, and provide assistance with how you can implement certain processes to achieve successful outcomes.

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