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Financial Services

We understand what is vital to the Financial Services industry.

While the financial services industry continues to rebuild, companies are faced with stricter rules and regulations, and a heightened level of uncertainty. These factors significantly affect how a company may be valued. The valuation analysts at Patuxent Valuation Group (PVG) are well-equipped to properly value your firm.

It is often complex to ascertain value for financial service firms due to the nature of the business and the challenges created by projecting cash flows. An evaluator must consider the effects that substantial regulation has on value of a firm. Nevertheless, it is vital that firms within the financial services industry obtain an accurate valuation for their business, as this can provide key performance insights that influence the development of strategy, plans and future processes, as well as influence the investment in, buying or selling of a firm.

At PVG, you can expect that our appraisers have the experience and skillsets required to properly evaluate your financial service firm. Our experts have experience in evaluating and advising financial service providers such as asset management firms, community banks and insurance companies, among many others.

We understand that in order to help financial firms create effective strategies that aid in becoming more profitable, remaining competitive in the industry, and promoting continued growth, valuations for these firms must account for:

  • Assumptions About Reinvestment and Growth
  • The Impact of Fluctuations in Interest Rates
  • Effects of Regulatory Constraints
  • Recent Merger and Acquisition Activity Within the Industry

Our experts, in addition to providing you with a proper valuation of your firm, will offer recommendations based on these key indicators and provide you with information that will help you to develop viable plans for the future.

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