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Government Contracting

Understanding your value can be complex and unique based on your contracts and customers. Thus, a comprehensive and well-documented valuation can be critical.

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Real Estate

There can be significant competition, financial concerns and scrutiny relating to real estate entities, which intensifies the
need for a thorough, precise valuation report.

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Financial Services

It is essential for firms within the financial services industry to obtain an accurate valuation for their business, as this can provide key, influential performance insights.

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Manufacturing & Distribution

Accurate valuations in this industry are essential, as these companies maintain a large amount of tangible assets and
are vastly different in the nature of their operations.

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Valuations play a unique role in the technology industry, as they allow investors and entrepreneurs the chance to gauge potential risks and opportunities.

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Professional Services

Whether you are looking to sell your professional service firm or simply planning for the future, accurate valuation data and projections are imperative.


Construction valuations help to better provide you with the knowledge
necessary for ensuring that your company is adding to goodwill value and is cash flow positive.


Retail properties, such as storefront and restaurant, benefit greatly from specialized valuation services as it provides a focus on product line profitability, working capital management and cash flow.


Enlisting guidance with valuation services is an essential factor in making the right decisions relating to acquisition, financing and asset sales for your hotel or restaurant.