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        • Social Media Disclaimer
        • COVID-19 Coronavirus Information

          Updated March 23, 2020
          RSSAA Updates

            Please limit non-emergency calls to M-F 9 am- 3 pm.  Outside of those hours, please email or text.
          EC Coordinator Abby Kurlfink - akurlfink@steinerschool.org or 313-949-3166 
          LS Coordinator Peggy Wilson - pwilson@steinerschool.org or 734-276-7687
          HS Coordinator Laura Shope - lshope@steinerschool.org or 734-646-6374 

          sowen-cruise@steinerschool.org or 734-846-2095 (Please send a text with your name and Sian will call you back as soon as possible) 
          Public Resources and Information
          Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
          World Health Organization Coronavirus Advisory Info
          World Health Organization Coronavirus Q&A
          Washtenaw County Health Department Covid-19 PDF
          Washtenaw County Civic Alerts
          Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office - IF YOU NEED HELP
          Additional Resources 
          How to talk to children about difficult news
          Explaining the News to Our Kids
          How to Talk to Kids About the Coronavirus Outbreak
          How to Talk to Kids About Coronavirus (NY Times permits viewing a limited number of articles without a free subscription)
          How to Explain Coronoavirus to a Child with Anxiety
          Parenting Teens in Close Quarters (NY Times permits viewing a limited number of articles without a free subscription)
          A Comic About What Kids Want to Know About the Coronavirus
          The RSSAA Remote Learning page also has educational resources grouped by grade level and a selection of online resources to help support students during this time.
          Frequently Asked Questions

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          How can I reschedule a tuition payment through FACTS?

          The FACTS FAQs and FACTS Customer Service website link is: //online.factsmgt.com/platform/customer-service
          The FACTS website link is:

          504 Gateway Time-out

          If you need immediate assistance, contact our Finance Manager, Carolyn Raschke, at financeoffice@steinerschool.org. Tuition payment dates are easily changed from the Business Office with enough notice.

          How can I put a temporary hold on my family’s tuition payments?
          financeoffice@steinerschool.org. She will reach out to you via email for more information and to provide support.

          If you need additional support or have other payment questions, please contact Carolyn Raschke personally at financeoffice@steinerschool.org.
          What can families, students, and school personnel do to keep from getting sick and spreading COVID-19?
          The CDC recommends the following preventive actions to help prevent the spread of COVID-19:

          Will the Grade 12 Students be going on the Spring Italy Trip?

          Unfortunately we have had to cancel the 2020 Senior Italy Trip, which was due to depart on March 24, 2020. 

          What about events and gatherings?

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          We continue to closely monitor the situation and will keep you updated as things change.
          RSSAA COVID-19 Communications

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